Ascension 101

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Ascension 101

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Originally posted by Superstarstef
Ascension reality – What does it all mean? The word ‘ascension’ has been tossed around during the game itself and never really been explained. Now in game we have no clue how these characters have ascended. Different theories suggest suicide, others suggest murder / suicide, others proclaim upon ascending they were digitalized and trapped inside the cartridge just like BEN was. This whole document is the harsh facts of ascension. This does not mean that this is how it works in game. But I’m simply going to tie up claims and tell you exactly what the term Ascension means and how one ascends.

I’ve decided the easiest way to compile all of these ‘facts or fictional statements’ (however you want to read them, because they’re not facts, and who knows if it’s all fictional) is to split it into two parts. Firstly I’m going to deal with the term ‘Ascension’ and take you through what it means etc, the second part is where I tie it into the game, and try to make heads and tails of how it could work in game. This is not canon, this is all my own opinions and thoughts after spending two months digesting information and researching the topic.
Ascension – emphasizing ASCEND and picking it apart. Welcome to the start of your biggest mind fuck. The word Ascension itself gives you simple clues on what it all means. The Verb ‘Ascend’ means to move upwards. This is where it gets confusing. We’re delving into the spiritual world, so from here on out everything I type can be taken as fact or fiction, depending on your views. Taking this in the spiritual context, Ascend means that the vibrations of the soul and the physical body are altered and increased, till both of them are ready to reach a higher plane of existence (also known as Dimension). There are two forms of ascension. Individual ascension (this article explains individual ascension, it’s a tad long winded but it’s worth a read if you’re unsure HERE) Individual ascension is basically what it says on the tin, individually ascending as one being. The other form is known as Group or Planetary ascension. Planetary ascension opens up a whole new can of worms. There are many links to the real prophecies of the 2012 end of the world theories. The Mayan calendar marks the ending of time as we know it and ‘as something old dies, something new is born’. This also stems from the fact we have entered the Age of Aquarius. Which once again implies we have entered a new stage of life. If we take a look at the quote outlining the Age of Aquarius we can see that it lines up with a lot of these doomsday prophecies.

What Aquarius implies is that, as the old age ends we begin new life. I’m not here to argue whether the end of the world is going to happen in 2012. I’m here to say that many believe even if it does or doesn’t the world will evolve into a new state, much like we would during individual ascension. A lot of these doomsday prophecies link to the world changing ‘as we know it’. Basically planetary ascension is the awareness and understanding that in order to live on the new planet, we ourselves need to follow suit with the world and enter a new state of mind.

The different dimensions are basically the biggest mind fuck, and the most difficult part to call fact or fiction. There’s no point in trying to pick them apart, as the information contained is pretty self explanatory.

The first level of ascension is Time, the second Space, the third is physical matter (much like the biblical view of how the world was created, it was made in steps, much like the dimensions are themselves.) The third dimension is currently where we are right now. Living as physical matter. As you can tell so far these three dimensions have built straight on top of each other. Without time, there’d be nothing. Without space, there’d be no planet, without physical matter, the planet would be baron.

The forth dimension is where we stretch to emotions. Now one can argue and say that we, as humans are already built on hundreds of emotions. But the forth dimension instructs us to concentrate on the more positive emotions, IE joy, compassion and love. Once we’ve learned to truly love, that is the only time we can safely and positively ascend to the fifth dimension.

The fifth dimension takes us to a new term, Soul Union ( In which the only way I’ve found to describe this is from a really dodgy looking website. They say that there are seven ‘seeds’ to plant before we reach Soul Union. All the positive emotions we had to master during the fourth dimension comes into play. Without these emotions we would not be able to ever achieve ascension to the fifth level.) It is stressed that the fifth dimension is kind of a ‘holding cell’, because you must master the issue of Trust before being able to ascend to the sixth level. (Obviously you’d have thought we’d have mastered that during the forth dimension, obviously not, so in my opinion the fifth dimension is pretty much a waste of time.)

The sixth dimension doesn’t hold much information. All I can gather is, we will rely heavily on Trust and Love (two emotions we had to master to get here in the first place) and they will be our keys to opening the seventh dimension.

The seventh dimension is where shit gets interesting. We start to align with other souls who are passing through the dimensions. Basically it almost seems like a trial to get to the eighth dimension, through meeting these collective souls we will have to fight away the feeling of jealousy and competition, to stay pure, only then we will ascend to the eighth level.

Another level where not much happens is the eighth. It seems we just have to keep remembering what we mastered during the forth and fifth levels. Trust and Love.

The ninth level we go through a spiritual expansion. Learning other beliefs and systems that are often far different from our own.

The tenth level is pretty much the same as the latter. Yet we start to realize we are a lot more then we ever were. Using the guidelines we’ve learnt passing through these levels we become more adept and aware we are working towards the Truth, towards Trust and Love.

The eleventh level we become more ‘god like’. Our soul starts to recognize that we are becoming more powerful mentally and physically. That we can, and will, use the truth to our advantage and work with it, not against it. We enter the Realms of shadows, never loosing the light of positive emotions which guide us through.

At the twelfth dimension (the last, for your information) we are now at one with God. We are at one with all others who have ascended. We are a Union of light and bouncy pleasure.

Honestly I know this is just a wall of text, but a lot of what is said and believed links to our current situation in game. We’ve all had to trust at certain points, and we’ve always fought to find the Truth of what’s going on. These links are the reason I’ve included and compiled this information. Hopefully it wasn’t too hard to understand and digest.

Now we know these realistic rules of ascension do not fit within the game’s definition of ascension. But in fact the rules seem to be backwards. In game you have to die to become truly ascended. We take this into context with Ben (The Child) who’s been said to be forcefully ascended via drowning. Most probably this was against his will, which would be classed as Murder. Making Murder a perfectly acceptable way to ascend someone. Nekko simply vanished and various theories link Duskworld to being the lawman from the news paper clippings, although this is all speculation right now as we have no canon evidence to how either of these were ascended. We presume, because Nekko was a child, that he was coerced into something he didn’t understand (which would also explain his posts in the Wayward Horizons sub category.) We also have nothing on how Rosa was ascended, presuming of course she has been. Kelbris is, right now the only person we have canon evidence on. The fact he heard Luna’s whispers potential gives us reason to believe the entity of Luna saw something in Kelbris, some spark or hope for whatever plans she has brewed up. Kelbris was said to have been found electrocuted, yet, really, there was no mention on whether or not he actually died. If we take this route, then ascension doesn’t fit with Kelbris or the theory that to ascend you must die. However, let’s say, for this section that he did die what could have become of Kelbris?

We know he’s ascended, we assume he’s far more powerful than those that have also ascended. Now I want to go off a theory I played around with a while back, based on ascension and our currently ascended souls.

My original assumption was that, these different characters had each ascended to a different dimension. The layout of the posts in Wayward Horizon leads me to believe that each are in a different state of limbo, this is also backed up by the fact they seem to be in different states of mind.

To become truely ascended you need to be at one with who you are, and who you are going to become. Nekko seems lost, scared. Possibly because the process of ascension isn’t what he was told or led to believe. He misses his parents, he wants his Mother.
Where is everyone? I'm so lonely.
This quote also leads me to believe he is somewhere different from the other three who have posted. Now if we presume that Wayward is a Prison or Holding cell, then surely they’d be able to hear each other? Even if they have become digitalized, if they were all in the same place, on the same level they’d be able to communicate with one another.

Now the different dimensions are screwy enough, but the fact that the three trapped inside don’t seem to realise they’re not alone, and the fact they were spread over different topics leads me to believe they are not all on the same level. With Jad including Ascension into the mix, surely he’d have done his homework. Finding information about the different dimensions of ascension is really not a difficult thing to achieve. I first thought that maybe the fact each post was numbered differently might have some say in which ‘dimension’ level they’re on, yet if we take that into context then Nekko has gone back in time rather then moved forward, and is floundering literally in the Time dimension.

Moving onto Duskworld. He started off as being insanely jealous when Nekko was ascended, as cited on the original Moon Children website, even calling himself jealous. Now in Wayward he’s talking about how he wants to kill himself, obviously not realising his ascension was successful. He talks about not having a moment to think, which points to the facts that, to ascend to a different dimension you need a clear head, and to focus on what you want to achieve. Duskworld is obviously concerned for his welfare, even though, technically he’s dead.

The character ??? seems to be enjoying, almost revelling in the fact they’ve ascended. This person seems to know exactly what they want to achieve, there is no interference and almost has a ‘Kelbris’ ego to what they’re saying. ??? can become God, ??? can become everything. This person is striving towards an existence like Kelbris has, because we know that Kelbris became a legend among the Moon Children, and that this ??? person seems to be after exactly the same thing Kelbris has.

Kelbris himself is a worry. Now if he was truly ascended he SHOULD have been speaking in Binary, yet he’s inside the ‘prison’ and managing to type without being forced into using binary. This makes me believe that Kelbris IS a powerful entity. He has become everything, he has reached the twelfth dimension and is at one with Luna. With him telling us to Get out, there has been much debate on whether or not that was meant so we, as players, don’t let anyone out, allowing Kelbris to continue watching over them in peace, or that he is in fact the malevolent entity here, and is simply stopping us from gaining access. Since we were then locked out of Wayward it could swing both ways, but since no one truly knows of Kelbris’ motives all we have is speculation as to whether he’s a good guy or on the bad team.

During Guides post we can clearly see it’s been tampered with. From the name of the post, down through the text itself. Guide was almost about to welcome us, as if we had a right to be there. Yet he was cut off by someone who then told us to get out, much like Kelbris did, but in a much more polite fashion. Does this mean there is a battle between Guide’s account? Are we being led astray by the very person who offers us a helping hand? I link Guide to being a sort of Spirit Guide.

Taking it in the context that these characters have ascended, ascension is, be definition very spiritual. What could be easy to throw into the mix then a ‘character’ who has no body, but is a spiritual entity, one that’s meant to literally guide us through what’s right or wrong, what’s good or bad and to pick apart the lies and truth. This would be all well to assume, since Guide also gave us the new password to get back once inside when we were locked out. But what are Guide’s intentions in the long run? Is he really our Spirit Guide? And what is up with Kelbris, is he friend, foe or neutral until we cross him?

Only time will tell.

I’m also currently working on analyzing the Moon Children’s original website where a lot of what is recorded here will be referenced. I’m happy to take suggestions and questions if anyone has any problems with this document, but please remember that the theory side is my own thoughts, taking it from a ‘spiritual’ side, and conveying what is known about ascension both in game and out. I hope I’ve cleared up questions about Ascension, but as mentioned, I’m happy to take any more questions you may have, and try to answer them the best I can.

- Steff