How to use the Theory Discussion forum

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How to use the Theory Discussion forum

Post by Dawn Of a New Day » Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:56 am

Originally written by Guide and the original Within Hubris moderating staff.
Using the Theory Discussion forum:

• This forum serves as a way for players to discuss theories.
• Any topics regarding theory-crafting for the ARG go here.
• This topic is not for discussing specific portions of the ARG. There are separate forums for the arcs.
• Please keep each theory to one topic.
• Avoid flaming other players for their theories. Discussion is encouraged, but excessive aggression will result in a warning or a ban if it persists.
• Do not bump topics. Keep posts relevant and worthy.
• Within Hubris holds no responsibility for any sensitive material discussed in off topic conversation or any links posted in any off site link. If sensitive material is posted on these sites please contact the moderators of the sites themselves in response to the material posted.