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Archived Theories

Post by Dawn Of a New Day » Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:54 am

Originally posted by CircleHunter.
Astartus - Already Dead Theory/Digitalization Rites

Astartus - Elegy Vessel Theory

Astartus - Moon Children Website Analysis

CrossLegion - About Kelbris

DeaconAYC - Tampering of the Chapters

DeaconAYC, PERSONAmc - Identity of the Second Entity

Faron - The Elegy Statue, Masks, and Other Bits

flyinelk212 - Happy Mask Salesman: The True Puppetmaster

Harshad - Siphon Theory

Immortallies - The Fourth Way

notJAD - Jad and the Moon Children

PERSONAlaplace, DeaconAYC - The Identity of the Son in the Letters

PERSONAmc - TheTruth.rtf Analysis

Rinzler - Who is Kelbris, and What Does It Want?

Sarjinn - Drowned Analysis/Theorizing

Sheik - BEN: A Character Analysis

Spanosa - Forced Ascension: An Impossibility, Relations to Ifrit and Rosa

Superstarstef - Ascension 101: The Long Awaited Document

TR1 - File 59 Notes and Analysis: The Truth of it All

TR1 - Masks and You

It appears that I'm missing one theory in particular, titled "A Few Canonical Sources on DROWNED" by Rinzler.

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