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RP Rules

Post by Wolfcat » Thu Aug 30, 2018 2:48 pm

{Reworked around the guidelines originally made by Guide and the original WH modding staff}

Welcome to the Role-play subforum, before you start posting please review the guidelines for this forum:
  • Play nice: Trolling, bashing, or any hateful/racist comments will not be tolerated. There will inevitably be discrepancies between theories which may lead to arguments... which is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with debating, just be mature about it. Also, there is no language filter - we're all big boys here - but there's a fine line between expressing your thoughts and being obnoxious.
  • No Inappropriate Content: Do not post pornographic, excessively violent/disturbing images or dialogue (disturbing in the repulsively gross sense, not disturbing in the scary sense - that's fine). We're forgiving if you slip up on the first rule, but this one is a "one strike and you're gone" deal.
  • Have Common Sense: Don't spam, etc. Standard forum etiquette applies.
  • Respect Other Members: No derailing someone's RP for the sake of messing up discussion or being silly. If you do not plan on participating, do not post silly side comments. Respect the people carrying out the role-play; don't go into a serious thread and say, "I will be a time traveling cat with a machine gun!!" If a member is doing this, contact a moderator and they will be warned after multiple offenses.
  • Keep it in the Subforum: Please keep your personas and discussion about your role-play in this subforum!
Easy stuff right? Enjoy your time here and don't hesitate to contact one of our moderators should you have any questions or concerns!
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