The Lens of Truth: A Guide to the ARG

Confused on a certain part of the story of just don't know where to start? We'll help you out.
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The Lens of Truth: A Guide to the ARG

Post by CircleHunter » Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:44 pm

Both newcomers and veterans may find that there is a lot of information to process in order to understand the story of the Haunted Majora?s Mask Cartridge ARG. Unfortunately, it may also be difficult to navigate the Jadusable Wiki for any number of reasons. With this problem in mind, a guide has been constructed with the purpose of guiding players, new and old, to the crucial details of the story and providing a concise directory with everything at the reader?s fingertips.

If you are new to the ARG, you might find the process of catching up with the story maddening due to the amount of information present. To make things easier, a collaborative effort has been made to organize this guide as much as possible. Any links will direct you to the corresponding entry on the wiki unless otherwise specified. THE STORY SO FAR The Haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge ARG is separated into three arcs.

Haunted Cartridge Arc:
The beginning of the story is told from the perspective of Jadusable, a college student who receives a suspicious copy of Majora's Mask. This is the most well-known portion of the story. It can be read in its entirety here.

Moon Children Arc:
After Jadusable's story came to an end, a website belonging to a mysterious cult was discovered. Their connections to prior events were revealed over the course of three days. Just more than two weeks after their site was abandoned, a website glitch set in motion another plot revolving around Ryukaki, whose story may not even be reliable.

Hubris Arc:
The players were given a new central hub at the first Within Hubris, a forum with a locked area called Wayward Horizon. This subforum contained the ciphered whispers of past members of the Moon Children, hinting at a dark truth behind the site. This arc has been put on hiatus and has still not been finished.
Jadusable...|...Old Man...|...BEN...|...Tyler...|...The Father
Kelbris...|...Rosa...|...Ben...|...Insidiae...|...Mr. D...|...Ryukaki

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines - Rosa...|...Prototype: All Consume Kills
day four.wmv...|...BEN.wmv...|...DROWNED.wmv...|...jadusable.wmv...|
SAVING ALEX.MP4...|...continue...|...Sonata...|...huntyoudown.wmv
Sounds.wmv...|...Music.wmv...|...The Orchard.wmv...|...Orchard2.wmv
theconnection.wmv...|...lastwords.wmv...|...2...|...h b i s r ea l

4chan Q&A...|...ZeldaInformer Interview...|...VidyaGamez Interview
YSHDT Q&A...|...Resistance Chatango Q&A...|...Theet Chatango Q&A 1
Kayd Hendricks Q&A...|...Theet Chatango Q&A...|...Reddit AMA

Moon Children - Cult led by the Father, worships the moon, main antagonists of the Moon Children Arc. Betrayed by Alex, probably betrayed by Ifrit as well. - Website originally used by the Moon Children, later by players as a hub before Within Hubris was introduced. Contained hidden files that imparted great information.

423 - Recurring number, significant because Ben drowned on April 23, 2002. Since then, it has appeared consistently throughout the ARG, whether in documents, videos, or timestamps within videos or posts.

Downloadable Files - Hidden files within Most are assets used on various site pages, but a select few were documents directed at the players:
File 49 (FSZTKU.txt) - A message from BEN
File 50 (TheLie.txt) - A message from an unknown entity
File 51 (TheTruth.txt) - A message from an unknown entity
File 59 (mhftt.txt) - A message from Ifrit, regarding his and others' safety
File 60 (fate.txt) - A threatening message toward the players from BEN
Wayward Horizon - A subforum of the original Within Hubris only visible to registered members, containing messages from past members of the Moon Children who had either been kidnapped or killed. It is believed that the members present were subjected to the process of ascension.
Any YouTube videos published by anyone other than Jadusable, TheLinkMissing, or Ryukaki (not including the video responses from the Moon Children Arc)
The Creepypasta Wiki's version of the Haunted Cartridge
Remember.exe and lostmemory.exe
YSHDT's 2016 re-introduction (The Truth Arc of JohnIsDead)
MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION The current chapters are edited versions of the original summaries. No significance.
TheTruth.rtf was edited by BEN, and was his method of escape into the Internet.
The Happy Mask Salesman represents the Father.
Ryukaki's significance to the rest of the story is unknown.
Cleverbot is not and will never be a canon resource to the players.
Video responses are no longer a way to advance the story.
The Old Man and the Father are not confirmed to be the same person.
Alex functioned as our Link, allowing us to perform in-game functions.
The "lone wolf" mentioned in Vampire The Masquerade is Alex.
The "man on the couch" mentioned in Vampire The Masquerade is unknown.
The word used to describe Kelbris' death was "transcended" rather than "ascended."
The name Rodney R. used by Ifrit was fake; his real name is Matt Hubris.
Jadusable has absolutely no connection with the Moon Children.
The cipher in File 59 has been unsolved since its discovery in 2010. It is possible, but unlikely without a key.
huntyoudown.wmv is still relevant despite having been removed from Jadusable's channel.
No further activity from Ryukaki is canon unless stated otherwise by Alex Hall.
CHILDREN.wmv and Matt.wmv may be seen in the future, but not in a way we would expect.
Files 64 to 67 would have required information from the Hubris Arc to be opened. They no longer exist.
2 will be explained. This guide may expand in the future. Please submit any advice.
This was originally created by the following team of users on the Jadusable Wiki:

Blackspiritwolf, Immortallies, AiriX, Mugen Kagemaru, AnonymousOtter, Matt9102
Kafeite, Trase-MX, BroBuzz, A-negative, NanayaBloodline
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