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Post by mfgreth » Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:45 pm

1. Be courteous. This should be self-explanitory, Don't go out of your way to make people angry, don't troll, you know, be respectful.

2. Please limit the language. After looking through invisionfree's rules, they do not want "Excessive" foul language. I am not completely sure what they mean by that so the best thing to do is to just limit all of that.

3. No spamming. Don't be making a bunch of random topics, I think you know what I mean by this. We've had certain people in the past make a very large amount of topics at the same time and it just ends up flooding the forum.

4. Absolutely nothing nsfw (Not Safe For Work) meaning anything explicit, such as images or phrases of a heavy sexual nature. This is completely self explanatory, the best way to do this is to assume there's always going to be someone underrage watching the topics. We -do- tend to have younger users on the boards so we need to keep it "Safe For Work"

5. No impersonating other users or trying to access their account. This shouldn't need to be explained and you will be punished if you try to access another member's account without their permission. This includes making a "canon" account even if you aren't planning on using it to gamejack. If you make a 'canon' account, it will be deleted immediately and your IP will be warned.

6. Use the report button to report bad posts only, do not use this to get attention. Especially due to what happened to the first forum.

7. This is an english speaking forum, therefore please type your posts in English.

8. Before asking for help of any kind, please refer to the sticky and pinned posts already there to make sure someone didn't already answer your question

9. Please keep ponies and such in the pony or other forums, This was a serious issue before, and people do not want to come in here to see nothing but pony posts and stuff.
Speaking of signatures, please do not have gigantic gif signatures that flash in a billion different colors. It's obnoxious. Keep signatures a respectable size.

10. Please stay on topic, this was again a large issue in the previous forum and it caused a large source of annoyance among people.

Please follow these rules. Those are quite simply the most important rules here. Infringing and breaking these rules was what caused the old forum to get shut down. So it is of the utmost importance that you follow these rules.